Shoreline Pebble 2-pebble Dress Drop Earrings
Sheila Fleet

Shoreline Pebble 2-pebble Dress Drop Earrings

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These Shoreline Pebble drop earrings in sterling silver feature two pebble shapes, with an elongated oval pebble providing an elegant shape to the design. Each pair are hand-enamelled in colourways that reflect the colours of sea-washed pebbles. Growing up in Orkney, Sheila developed a lifelong interest in the natural forms of rocks and pebbles. While studying at Edinburgh College of Art, she attended a lapidary club so she could cut and polish some of the shoreline pebbles she had collected. The first piece of jewellery Sheila ever created was a ring made from Iona marble she cut herself. Reflecting on this early fascination, Sheila created her Shoreline Pebble collection, inspired by the bold shapes and colours found around the shores in Orkney, Scotland.

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